If you’ve met Jim Farrish, you probably know him as Jimsnotes.com, or the place to go for Jim’s trading models and market research. You may also know Jim as a disciplined money manager whose strategies focus on growing money at a manageable pace while protecting assets along the way. With entries and stops on every position he holds, Jim knows when to avoid greed and tumultuous losses on both the up and downside of positions.

Teaching, motivating, and changing thinking processes are Jim’s passions. If you’ve heard him speak anywhere around the country you probably understand how passionate he is about helping others achieve their financial goals by thinking outside the box and trusting disciplines. Traders of any age and wealth class should never feel out of control on any given day, week, month, or year.

After thirty-four years Jim retired as Founder and CIO of Money Strategies, Inc. He continues as the Publisher and Research Analyst of Jimsnotes.com. It is appropriate to say Jim enjoys this business and will continue to share his knowledge with all who want to learn.

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