Who is Jim?

Jim Farrish is an educator in the financial services industry.¬† He has 32 years of experience ¬†researching, investing , and sharing everything he knows about making money.¬† If you’ve heard him speak you already know he is passionate about teaching how to ¬†become a confident and smart investor. ¬†Jim’s primary teaching conduit is this website, Jimsnotes.com, which ¬†offers some free education, but honestly, that is only the tip of the iceberg.¬† The paid subscription part of this site offers a try-freewealth of current market research and trading strategies updated by Jim daily.¬† You will find both written and video updates, tables, trading models and ¬†much, much more. ¬†You can TRY IT FOR FREE, just click the link and we¬†will get you setup on Jims Notes for 1 week trial for free. ¬†Thats free, no credit card, no commitment.