Who is Jim?

Jim Farrish is an educator in the financial services industry.  He has 32 years of experience  researching, investing , and sharing everything he knows about making money.  If you’ve heard him speak you already know he is passionate about teaching how to  become a confident and smart investor.  Jim’s primary teaching conduit is this website, Jimsnotes.com, which  offers some free education, but honestly, that is only the tip of the iceberg.  The paid subscription part of this site offers a try-freewealth of current market research and trading strategies updated by Jim daily.  You will find both written and video updates, tables, trading models and  much, much more.  You can TRY IT FOR FREE, just click the link and we will get you setup on Jims Notes for 1 week trial for free.  Thats free, no credit card, no commitment.