What is Jimnotes.com?

Jimsnotes.com was created by Jim Farrish with the goal of educating investors about trading with discipline.  Jim knows the risk of losing money will increase without disciplined trading strategies, and current market analysis.  With a subscription to Jim’s website you will receive all of the following to help you become a better trader.

  • Jim’s EducationFREE – Daily market driven notes to start each day, and an invitation to all of Jim’s webinars, and training sessions.
  • Jim’s ResearchFor Subscribers Only – Daily trading notes in the morning and a daily sector update report in the evening.  Includes access to all archived research.
  • Jim’s Model PortfoliosFor Subscribers Only – All of the following model portfolios are included with your subscription.  They are updated daily with what is hot and what is not. Below is a screen print of the Sector Rotator Model ‘s Watch List and Portfolio as an example of what you have access to as a subscriber.

Model Portfolios:

  • Sector Rotator Model
  • Only ETF Model
  • S & P 500 Model
  • One Egg Model
  • Two Egg Model
  • Annuity Model

A description of each model is found at What are Jim’s Trading Models?