What Do I Get For Free?

Why Sign up for Jim’s Notes FREE

The FREE section of the website is Jim’s Notes which is exactly that.  Jim writes every morning and chooses topics ranging from investor psychology to specific market sectors to watch. The notes are on the home page of the website along with Jim’s webinars and speaking schedules.  A subscription to the website allows you to go behind the scene for Jim’s research notes and trading ideas.

You can TRY IT FOR FREE, just click the link and we will get you setup on Jims Notes for 1 week trial for free.  Thats free, no credit card, no commitment.


Why use the RSS FEED?

If you want to be sure you always receive the latest updates Jim makes on the site such as his end of the day notes and new webinar postings, then you should sign up for the RSS FEED.  You have a choice between a RSS live feed of information which will send you all new updates to the site when they happen, or you can choose to receive a RSS email one time a day with all of the updates from that day.