Webinar: Breaking Down the Financial Sector for Opportunities

A question often asked of Jim is how to break down the markets and find candidates for buying. This week Jim is going to break down the financial sector. The goal is to dig into the sector based on the current stories driving the sector, define the fundamental opportunities looking longer term, define the technical opportunities based on specific time lines, and how to put them on a watch list based on a specific strategy. The goal is to teach you how to find opportunities and manage your risk according to your objectives. As the old saying goes, “teach a person to fish and they eat every day, give them a fish and they only eat today.”

Come ready to learn how to fish! See you Monday at 5:30 pm EST

**NOTE: If you are unable to attend send you email information to Don@JimsNotes.com and he will forward you the outline of the presentation… OR you can request and email with a link to the archived video when it edited and ready to view.