Stop! The market is not built to fit in a “black box”!


Stop! The market is not built to fit in a “black box”!

boxEvery since I started investing in 1983 people have believed you can create a system that will predict and trade the market accurately. Every since 1983 I have yet to find a system/program, generally called a “black box”, that is able to zig and zag along with the market consistently. The simple reason is programs are designed using logic and markets, while logical, have challenges with investor emotions. Thus, I am of the opinion, the market, as it currently exists, does not fit in a ‘black box’. I know to some that is heresy, but it is reality. With that in mind…

… This week Jim will discuss four simple tools to manage your money… no they don’t come in a black box! These tools are proven to help investors take control of their emotions as the market becomes irrational, but track with the market when it is logical. If we can build habits for trading a defined strategy that fits us as individuals versus those that attempt to predict the market we can control the investment process and not the market.

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