Putting Discipline Back Into YOUR Trading

When trading for success it is important to have a disciplined trading strategy that will allow you to take control of the risk of your trades. All good traders rely on the discipline of a defined strategy to give them the self confidence they need to buy and sell investments. Jim will show you how to structure a disciplined trading strategy based on defined market conditions. The key to success is a defined Entry, Exit, and Target for every position. Because the psychology of habits plays a big role in being disciplined, Jim will also discuss how to build good trading habits in conjunction with your strategy.
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What is in the Back to Basics Trading Camp for Investors is four sessions taking you over the investing basics for:

1. Trading On Purpose
2. Basic Trading Strategies
3. Trading Psychology 101
4. Managing the In-Between “Risk Management”

Each session encompassed instruction and ¬†Question and Answer with Jim. This camp’s¬†participants were¬†hosted in a Go To Meeting format with interactive audio conferencing between attendees and Jim for the question and answer.