Outlook for week of July 20th


The markets refocused on the data points of earnings versus the issues in Europe with Greece and other challenges. The Today will offer more insight… focus and discipline remain the key as this all unfolds short term.The earnings from some of the key technology companies set the tone for the week. Sustainability is my new buzz word for the markets… can it sustain the enthusiasm and maintain an upward trajectory? That simply put, is what we will be watching this week.

Below are more notes relative to the markets, sectors and outlook… Back on Wednesday. My notes are abbreviated this week as I am traveling with family and enjoying learning about the taxes, regulations and impact of a higher minimum wage on the economics of ind individuals. I have learned to ask the people in the middle of it what they think. There opinions are much different than what I read and hear from Washington and the media. Things are made to sound better than those truly experiencing what is taking place. America is a great country, but is make turns that will be impossible to reverse… how that unfold in our lifetime is yet to be determined. But, one thing is very clear… the citizens of this country really do love it regardless of the the challenges they face.

Have a great day!

FYI: I am traveling for the next week and the updates will be limited as a result. I will be taking some time off from Tuesday, July 13th – Wednesday, July 22nd to spend with my family! All of the girls are getting together I have the privilege of being invited to spend time with them ( to buy dinner of course). Thus, the updates will be limited, but the tables will all be updated daily. Thanks!

NOTE: The following are things to watch and evaluate during the trading day…

  1. Retail (XRT) the consumer services sector (XLY) broke to new high and retail cleared the $100.25 resistance level, but tested on Friday. Watching for opportunity to buy, held off on Thursday as it hit the entry in the last hour of trading. Entry $101.75, but entry on test is more attractive. Negative sales report Tuesday has not turned the sector negative. Exercise patience as we start the week and look for the entry point.
  2. Cyber Security (HACK) Tested lower and bounced off support. The entry of $31.50 is of interest if the sector can follow through on the reversal. Added position, but watching how this unfolds. If we can clear the $31.70 mark willing to add to the position on the upside move.
  3. China (FXI) bounced off the lows hit resistance near the $43 mark and is holding. The intervention from the government to “suggest” companies buyback stock and support the prices during the sell off held the mess at bay. The debt currently held by Chinese companies could be the next shoe to drop… still looking for definitive move for the country.. up or down.
  4. Regional banks (KRE) as discussed are volatile, but offer upside going forward as the interest rates move higher. I like the sector, but understand the volatility that comes with the issues. Sold lower on Friday losing 1.1%??? The questions surrounding the economy and earnings are swirling… watch and see how this unfolds it will present opportunity. 


S&P 500 Index (SPY) tested the $204.50 support level and resulted in a bounce off support The resistance as the previous highs is currently in place and we will watch how that unfolds this week. News remains in control, but earnings exerted some influence last week. Watching for the upside to sustain or a test lower again.  Held the 200 DMA and cleared the 50 DMA on upside move. Gapped above the $208.50 entry point with $209.75 the next logical entry point. Stop $209.

NASDAQ 100 Index (QQQ) Closed at a new high to end the week. Hit the entry point $109. The stop is $111 currently. Technology was the leader on the upside relative to earnings. Semiconductors still look weaker than the index itself. Practice patience and risk management with the sector as it is leading… others could pull it back.

Russell 2000 Index (IWM) Managed to bounce back above the $123.75, but there is plenty of convincing to be done if the upside is going to resume. Willing to add a position if it moves through the $124.50 with some confidence. Stop $123.70. No moving with any conviction currently.

Volatility Index (VIX) made it to the high at 19.5 and then closed at 11.95 on Friday. Now that is volatility at it’s best. SVXY trade has done well… stops are must as we look for some volatility to return as earnings announcements continue this week.

Transportation (IYT) Moved back to the $148.50 level, but can’t find any momentum above this level. If we do, it would be worth the trade on the upside move. This is the first attempt at a trend reversal for the sector? The 50 DMA crossed below the 200 DMA as technical sell and it is still in play. The index is in a downtrend short term. Plenty of work to be done if the upside is to resume.

Dollar (UUP) The dollar sold lower, but has managed to bounce on the news around Greece and China. Dollar index (DXY) equally held support above the 95.50 mark near term. Dollar index has resumed the upside and watching how it unfolds with some settling in the global anxiety moves.

Crude Oil (OIL) Crude continues to move lower closing at the $50.89 mark. That was a move below the $51.65 support. Looking at how that unfolds to start the week. There is still not a compelling reason to buy oil. Trade maybe. Despite all the analyst and bulls the commodity has not show upside momentum… yet. Patience is what we all want least, but need the most.


Social Networking (SOCL) Sold lower to support at $18.40 and looking at a potential bottom reversal with entry at the $19.50 level. The buying last week hit the entry point and added the positions. News driven, but trade the technical data. Stop $19.60.

Technology (XLK) moved above the $41.90 entry point for the sector. The sector benefited from earnings last week. Semiconductors remain under pressure and building a base.. earnings will matter. Facebook (FB) broke to new high to lead the sector. Google jumped on earnings as well. Hit the entry for XLK ($42.15) positive upside move. Stop $42.70 for the position currently.

  1. FDN added position at $69.75 on Thursday’s reversal test. Leader for sector. Stop $69.75 or break even trade.

Europe (IEV) the resolution to resolve the debt crisis with Greece is on the table. This is creating another trading opportunity in Europe. Entry $45. Moved higher, hit the entry and I like the upside if things get resolved with Greece and no more surprises near term. Some testing to end the week, but we will monitor the trade this week. Stop $44.70.  

Natural Gas (UNG) move off the near term support with a target of $15.15 if the upside can gain momentum. The entry of $13.80 is of interest if the upside is put back in play short term. BOIL is the leveraged ETF for the trading the move higher. Hit the entry and now managing the risk of the trade. . some testing with volatility still in play.

Financials (XLF) remains challenged by the uncertainty issues. But, the Fed is committed to hiking interest rates and the longer term view is to own the sector. You have to be willing to stomach the volatility and add to the position on weakness. Moved back above the $24.50 mark gave opportunity to add to positions. $24.70 entry. Still challenged… Stop $24 on the positions for now.

  1. Banks moved lower and hit our stops last week. However, the upside move in the sector is still on my watch list as opportunity. KRE at the $44.20 entry would be worth adding back if it shows positive momentum. Hit entry and it followed through to start the week. Stop $42.70. Tested lower on Friday.

Energy (XLE) is attempting  to bounce… exited our short trade last week. Building a bottom and potential reversal near term. So much for the one day of positive for the sector… sold lower again to end the week and broke the $73 support putting the downside back in play. ERY is the short ETF trade. $23.35 entry.

  1. Crude oil – moved lower in response to the global fear. Short side trade remains? Watching to see how this does with support  at the $58 level of support (SCO). Setup for a short trade on the commodity with SCO entry at $61.50. Raise stop to $68 on balance. Sold half of position at the $70.30 mark. Stop on balance remains same.    

Treasury bond (TLT) The FOMC meeting shed some light on the Fed’s intentions to hike rates prior to year end. That puts pressure on yields to move higher and bond prices lower. Fear was driving money back towards the bonds, but that shifted to end the week. However, the bond has rallied back to the resistance at $119 mark. Upside may give some opportunities on TBT… patience. $48.90 entry. We have been trading the volatility of this move the last eight weeks.

Homebuilders (ITB) double bottom consolidation pattern setting up to break higher on the momentum in the news behind the housing market (technical setup and trade). Fundamental data starting to confirm the upside move with improved numbers in sales for May. Hit our $27.40 entry. Stop $26.50. Hit against resistance at the $28.10 mark… watch and manage your risk. Good data, bad market… watch and manage with upside.

Healthcare (XLV) The sector has been in a consolidation pattern which we have tracked for the last five weeks. We finally hit the entry with the move above $75.50. Stop $75.50. ACA news from the Supreme Court driving some upside … IHF was the benefactor as the decision confirmed government payments to the providers. Best source of income available for the providers. Tested lower with selling, held support and moved higher. Some testing at the highs, but all is well manage the stop.

Consumer Discretionary (XLY)  Held support at the $74.50 level and keeping the trend moving higher… break above $77 would be of help for the trend to continue upside move. Trend fundamentally on the consumer is flat and that is keeping things in check for now. $77 exit point raised stop. Move above $78 positive on Monday.  

“Vision without action is a daydream… Action without vision is a nightmare.” Japanese Proverb.