Making a Trade with Jim’s Notes

This weekend I would like to share with you a free 20 minute clip of a previous webinar Jim did recently. ¬†Whether you are currently only¬†interested in Jim’s Notes¬†or you¬†are actively¬†using Jim’s Notes I think this clip will help you simplify making a trade with Jim’s Notes. ¬†Jim will take you through a research page, then through the table and on to tracking and placing a trade from his notes.

Watch the video, take the full 20 minutes... ¬†I know we are all busy and like to cut straight to the chase but this small 20 minute demo covers 90% of questions that come from interested investors and users alike on the “how to”. ¬†If you want to see the entire webinar this clip came from with all its parts on Using the Only ETF Trading Strategy it is available on the homepage under previous webinars.

Happy Trading,

Don Farrish

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