Jims Notes

S&P 500 and Dow close at record highs
It was a week of rest for the markets as they spent time digesting the move higher and looking for[...]
Markets remain on pause
The markets were on pause again as investors continue to look to Washington for clarity on taxes, Fed policy, and[...]
Stocks take a pause after new highs
The markets take a pause and the questions start... the finger-pointing begins and you would think the indexes fell hard[...]
Buyers go all in
The long weekend didn't affect the spirit of buying the NASDAQ and large-cap stocks. The index rose 1.67% on the[...]
S&P 500 hits record highs
The S&P 500 index moved above 4,000 for the first time ever hitting new highs to end the shortened trading[...]
Nasdaq moves higher
The growth stocks bounce with the semiconductors leading the move. Some good news for the NASDAQ as the index finds[...]
Markets remain uncertain
More of the same as the markets continue to look for direction. Small caps recover from their losses on Monday[...]
Markets take a pause
No real follow-through to the move on Friday as markets pause near term. There is plenty of issues to challenge[...]
Hope springs eternal
Markets bounced back on Friday as investor hopes grew about the future growth of the economy. There were plenty of[...]
Markets find support and buyers…
The indexes closed in the green... albeit not a big upside, but it was positive. The NYSE led the upside[...]
Markets attempt move higher… but failed
The NASDAQ fell 2% after being up 0.8% early in the day and tested key levels of support. Technology was[...]
Markets shift lower
Talks about the infrastructure spending, tax hikes, and more virus-related shutdowns sent investors scrambling to determine just what it all[...]
Large caps lead the day
Money flow shifted on Monday with the mega-caps getting some attention. The NASDAQ gained 1.2% versus the Dow up just[...]
Holding support… for now
The broad indexes recover some of Thursday's losses on the day but remain questionable near term. With headlines full of[...]
Stocks sell following FOMC rally
There was definitely a selling response to the Fed talk after overnight thoughts about inflation and debt issues. Inflation remains[...]