Jims Notes

Stimulus stalemate keeps markets flat
With the elections, just 10 days away the banter over stimulus puts the markets in limbo. The trading was choppy[...]
Financials and energy move higher to lead market.
Markets were higher on Thursday as there was some hope of a new stimulus package, but there is rising concern[...]
The markets were indecisive on the day
Markets tread water as an early move higher evaporates and we closed basically even on the day. The news was[...]
The market juggles news on many fronts.
Some mixed movements on the day as energy, financials, and consumer stocks move higher. Technology was a laggard on the[...]
Selling comes from uncertainty surrounding stimulus?
With the Presidential election just weeks away investors are worried about any stimulus prior to February. That sent the markets[...]
Market limps into the weekend
The market finished the week without fanfare. We started higher but failed to hold on and closed even on the[...]
Markets bounce back from negative open
Markets opened and gapped down to support and worked their way back towards even on the day, but the questions[...]
Investors react to earnings data
Money flow is showing a negative reaction to the data from banks thus far. 3.2% decline in the financial sector[...]
The economic challenges facing the global economy remain a concern
Markets moved lower on Tuesday as health developments around the world were not good news for stocks. Europe is seeing[...]
Large caps join the move higher
Money flow followed the leaders and large caps finally join the upside move. Some indices moved towards the September highs[...]
Markets finish the week higher on stimulus hopes
The week ended with the markets pushing higher and the belief alive and well that stimulus will happen... I love[...]
Flip-a-coin… stimulus or not?
The headlines remained focused on a stimulus deal getting done, but at this point, it is like the little boy[...]
Stimulus offer back?
Yes, the President did change his mind about the stimulus package. He would like a standalone deal for airlines, small[...]
Trump ends stimulus talks and markets react
He's back... President Trump back at the White House and feeling better called off the negotiations about stimulus until after[...]
Stocks bounce as Trump leaves the hospital
News that President Trump would return to the White House Monday night sent stocks higher on the day. The shares[...]