Is There More?

Of course there’s more!  Are you a fan of education?  If you are, plan to listen to Jim’s FREE live webinars.  Check the schedule on the homepage and join one or all of them.

Jim has taught how to scan the markets, how to place stops on trades, how to use the TC 2000 trading platform, how to trade ETF’s and a whole lot more.  Each webinar is one fun-filled hour long unless you join him for his NEW half hour series on pre-market opening and post-market closing strategies.

There’s even more!  Archives filled with educational videos and Jim’s daily notes to keep you learning, in case you are serious about mastering disciplined trading. Jim even has recommendations of great books he has read and would like to share with you.  They can be downloaded or purchased at

You can TRY IT FOR FREE, just click the link and we will get you setup on Jims Notes for 1 week trial for free.  Thats free, no credit card, no commitment.