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Next Date is Tuesday, November 27th
“Two Eggs, Over Simple!”

This model is the second in the Egg family. No, we won’t have a dozen, nor even a baker’s dozen. As you are aware the original Egg is set up to find the sector with the most momentum heading to each week of trading. It has been a fun model to run and has been successful. The next generation is the Two Egg Model strategy which looks for opposite pairing of sectors. For example, if the there is fear or negative sentiment in the markets, Treasury bonds traditionally rise in price as yields drop. This is a result of money flow rising in the sector, or simply put, investors are rotating money into bonds. At the same time money flow is dropping in stocks as investors exit higher risk assets. Based on this example, we could buy Treasury bonds and sell stocks short. This pairing strategy has been an active trading approach for many years in our portfolios. It was originally designed to hedge portfolios from elevated risk periods in the equity/stock market. It has since evolved into being used as a standalone trading strategy. Thus, we will introduce the strategy on November 28th with a model we launched November 1st with $250,000, and you will see how the first trades have worked and the rationale behind the trades.

Join me on Tuesday November 27th for a live Webinar on this new model along with a review of the One Egg Model strategy. We will look at why the strategy was designed and how to use it in the management of your portfolio. In the vein of Keep It Simple, we will focus on just that, Keeping It Simple enough to execute.