EGG Scans for August 27th

Buyers continue to hold the trend on the upside and the leadership it broadening or rotating. Just when you think retail is done it finds a way to break higher. The miners tumbled yesterday on the metal decline, but rallies today on the small bounce in gold. The point simply being that everything is in play with some modest volatility at the sector level. Acquisitions continue to drive prices as seen with Amazon buying Twitch, Burger King buying Tim Horton’s on Monday and getting money from Buffett to do helped the move today, and Verizon is expanding into solar power contracting with SunPower (SPWR) to provide the systems. The news, data and optimism remains on the positive side for now.

There is plenty of opportunities short term to watch, but the larger question looming for some is what about the longer term outlook for the US markets relative to the economic picture and the Federal Reserve. Only time will provide the answers, but we still lack clarity longer term.

Running the EGG Scans¬†– First the daily winners…

The day to day shift in leaders has been consistent over the last few weeks. Watch for the leadership to rise from the confusion and the opportunities they will present.

Russell 2000 Small Cap (IWM) the index was up nearly 1% on the day, but more importantly it followed through on the break above the $115.50 level. No resistance in play until the previous highs at $120. I like the odds on the move short term. TNA is the leveraged ETF and entry was hit at the $75 mark.

Biotech (XBI) jumped through resistance on Monday and followed it up today with another positive gain on the day. A follow through on this large cap ETF or the multicap ETF, IBB are two to watch for the follow through leadership in the healthcare sector.

Energy MLPs (JMF) gained 2.1% on the day and moved back to resistance at the $22.25 level. If crude holds steady and energy sector maintains the break higher, this sector will follow suit on the upside.

Emerging Markets (EEM) follow through on the upside upside move on the day and clears resistance at the $45.15 mark. The upside remains in play and if you are willing to accept some volatility worth holding.

Financials (XLF or FAS) held the upside move with modest follow through on Tuesday. It is still up to the banks and brokers to lead the sector to higher ground. It will require patience going forward.


India (INDA) moved back to the top of the channel or trading range. Look for a move above $30.90 mark for the ETF. Emerging markets are coming to life slowly. TODAY: Need follow through on the break higher with some volume would be nice.

Software (IGV) posted a solid gain for the technology sector and is breaking from a consolidation wedge or triangle. Got the break higher on Friday hitting the entry point ($86.80) for trade. Test of the move today and needs to hold support. TODAY: Test of the move higher. Stop $87.

Industrials (XLI) posted solid bounce as well with a ‘V’ bottom recovery. Moved through¬†the 200 DMA and facing¬†resistance at the $54.50 level. Volume questionable except for¬†one big spike . TODAY:¬†Look for move through resistance and scan for leading stocks in the sector to trade the breakout move.

Natural Gas (UNG) back in the line up on the upside as this commodity continues to frustrate investors. We are back to the double bottom setup we discussed last week and we will watch to see if it follow through.

Russia (RSX)¬†The ‘V’ bottom is now at resistance and the question about follow through is in the outcome of the negotiations with Ukraine. Small test today and $25.50 is level to watch on the upside still.

Current EGG:

Added ITB (homebuilders) on Monday. The disappointing news from the new home sales pulled the ETF lower, but the news was not a bad as the headlines prompted. Positive day for the sector with housing data on prices showing positive increase. Stick with the move and watch to see how this unfolds. Patience as we are still looking for 2-5% move on the trade.