Day of headlines tosses the market up and down

If you read or listen to my views on the market long enough you will hear me talk about news, events and trends driving the market. Each has an impact on the market both good and/or bad. News is temporary, events have legs that run longer periods and then die generally due to validation issues, trends are longer term in their effect on markets and can go up or down. Understanding each and the influence they have on the broad markets as well as sectors and individual stocks is important to keeping your emotions in check. Since today was full headlines that pushed the market in both directions intraday I thought we would review some of the movers and what impact cycle they may have on the markets going forward.

I have produced a video to allow for more comments and to a look at the charts for perspective. Enjoy.

If you have any specific issues ETFs, Sectors, Stocks, etc. you would like to be addressed send me an email and I will put the answers in a video format for feedback and education for all.