Change has begun…. on

new_strategyIt seems like everything takes longer to actually do than when you sit down and design them on paper! The recent changes to the website are a good example of just that. In an effort to simplify the process and offer more educational content what I thought would be done in January is just now starting to materialize. Last night we launched the consolidated spreadsheet for the different strategies. This allows you to see all the information on one sheet as well as print the sheet if you choose. The link below will take you directly to the sheet to review if you have not already done so. Below is an explanation of how to use the table for the best results.

Jim’s Trading Strategies Spreadsheet

The different strategies are broken down on the sheet with their respective headers. In an attempt to make the sheet easier to follow I have applied colors to each position on the table and there is a legend at the bottom to define what each means. The watch list positions are in orange and the entry date is missing. Give away that it has not hit the entry price yet. The blue is for active positions that have hit the entry points from the watch list and the entry date has been populated.

The color breaks allow you to break your focus your skimming of the list into two categories when scrolling through the list. First, the watch list for positions you want to own or trade from the list. You can review the entry point as well as what I am looking for in the text below for the entry. Second, the position list allows you to define when the trade was entered, current stop, current target and maximum percentage recommend for the position. As we move forward the rating column is updated with buy, sell, hold or add to the position. The color is changed for each recommendation other than the hold. Stops turn yellow when updated, red when hit. Target turns green when hit and then moves to the text on how to update the target or holding as it moves forward. ROI (return on investment) will tend to be negative when on the watch list and turn positive after position is taken (no guarantees!) The negative allows you to see it approaching the entry price.

The videos historically each night dealt with the markets and rotation. It will be changed to deal directly with the spreadsheet, specific strategy developments relative to the markets and educational opportunities within the markets as they develop. It w ill posted as needed and not waste your time when things are self explanatory in the markets. This allows me to teach more practical data on how to use the strategies in live markets versus the theory we have taught historically. It allows me to take teaching points and use them when they are happening versus after the fact. I am excited about this process change and what it will give you as members of

The next step is to build the pages for the strategies to include all the how to’s… This would include the strategy itself for scanning to find the opportunities, videos explaining the how to’s and updates of new education directed at each of the strategies as they develop in the markets. This will allow you to learn how to use each one, fit it to your trading and investing personality and become more efficient at managing your money and the risk associated with doing so.

I know that change is not easy, but we are always attempting to listen to what you want as well as provide you the education to become more successful at the process of managing money. Any feedback is welcome as always… more to come soon!

Thank you for working with us to make better every day.