Stocks test lower to end the week

The markets shifted gears with some negative undertones on the day from crude oil, technology, and energy stocks. The rationale for the day’s activity was concern about the virus and vaccine rollouts… it was an Read More

Large caps lead the day

Apple and the rest of the large caps carried the day as energy, materials, and financials all struggled. The NASDAQ 100 closed at new highs again with the SOXX leading the upside after resting on Read More

New President same markets

Day one of the new president is in the books and all is well on Wall Street. Big tech was up with NASDAQ 100 leading the upside. Semiconductors didn’t fare as well and that is Read More

Growth stocks lead the upside

After a day of rest, the markets started higher and closed higher. Bank earnings led the day with Goldman Sachs big beat on the upside. The Senate met with the proposed new Treasury Secretary Janet Read More

Indexes close lower

The indexes closed lower on the day as investors worry about the intensified lockdowns and restrictions. The retail sales data wasn’t good either not helping matters on Friday. The retail sector closed down 2.4% after Read More