401k Introduction

401k_emptysuitThank you for your interest in the 401k Strategy, if you currently subscribe to the 401k Strategy you can log in on the right column.

If you are like most people you are too busy to spend several hours a day researching the markets to determine what you want to trade for your 401k but you would also like more than just having your company HR person “pick a fund” for you.   Maybe using Jim’s 401k Strategy could save you some time and still provide you with control over “how” your 401k gets invested.

Using Jim’s 401k Strategy is like having another person working with you. Plus you can always send Jim any questions via email.

What’s included with Jim’s 401k Strategy?

  • Jim’s 401k research and scans.  Each month Jim scans the market and updates you to whats moving in the markets and gives you full access to that research for you to decide how best to position your 401k.
  • Jim’s 401k portfolio showing his latest entry, exit and target recommendations.
  • Access Jim’s webinar archive for more research and money management education.

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