Turkey, economy, and Fed worries
OUTLOOK: Week of August 13th Turkey worries were in the headlines all day... then there were the worries about inflation[...]
Markets continue to run in place
OUTLOOK: August 10th The markets spent the day running in place. China moved higher as some talk from within the[...]
Dow moves higher sellers remain at bay
OUTLOOK: August 8th The markets continue to find buyers albeit on lower volume, but the sellers don't seem to have[...]
Markets continue to work higher
OUTLOOK: August 7th The markets remain positive with a modest upside move to start the week. Some sectors make moves[...]
Positive week for the broad markets overall
OUTLOOK: Week of August 6th Investors keep finding something to like as buyers show positive momentum towards the jobs report.[...]
Tech leads indexes higher on the day
OUTLOOK: August 3rd Investors keep finding something to like as buyers show interest in technology stocks... or at least they[...]
Fed speak challenges investors
OUTLOOK: August 1st It was Fed Wednesday and they reaffirmed the economy is growing at a "solid" rate of growth. That[...]