Sellers return move markets lower
Market Outlook for April 2nd I kept thinking it was an April fool's joke as I looked at my monitors[...]
Stocks rise again
Market Outlook for March 31st Markets rise on Monday after the late-day selloff on Friday. Economic news was BAD... expected.[...]
Uncertainty remains for investors
Market Outlook for March 28th The markets settle lower as the realities start to sink in. The data relative to[...]
Stimulus for everyone
Market Outlook for March 27th The stimulus package finally gets approval from the Senate and the markets rally in response.[...]
Time for some reality
Market Outlook for March 26th The markets sold into the close to finish the day mixed. Some issues in Washington[...]
Markets react to stimulus hope
Market Outlook for March 25th Still no stimulus... but, they are close. Stocks have been beaten down to a point[...]
Politics versus Stimulus
Market Outlook for March 24th As I would suspect Washington would rather play politics versus putting together a stimulus package[...]