Another down day for stocks
No bounce for stocks following the FOMC meeting losses. In fact, the markets opened sharply lower but managed some recovery[...]
Tech leads for the second day
Is the market in a rotation phase? We are seeing some sectors move higher this week like REITs and communication[...]
Stocks start the week higher
The markets were higher from beginning to end on Monday as the buyers step up. We will take what we[...]
Second week of selling in technology stocks
The markets struggled all week to find buyers and ended the week with mixed activity. The industrial stocks were up[...]
Bounce continued early but failed to hold the gains
The day started with the S&P 500 index up 0.8% and end with the ended with the index down 1.8%[...]
Market bounced… now what?
The markets were set for a bounce and does so... Some upside for quality stocks, some not so great moves[...]
Sellers return after a long weekend
The selling continues on Tuesday as the long weekend did little to stop the bleeding as money rotates out of[...]