Markets start the week with patience
The week started with some mixed results as the outlook for stocks remains a big question mark. The new home[...]
Big tech leads mixed markets
The markets were up slightly on the day overall but the sectors were mixed as six closed higher and five[...]
Markets extend gains
The markets added to the rebound from Monday's selling and showed signs of heading higher. What is of interest is[...]
Our website is having a database issue and I have posted a brief update while we work on the issues.[...]
Inflation topic remains an issue for investors
To follow up the CPI data the PPI showed equally high inflation at the producer levels. In June the PPI[...]
Consumer prices spike higher
The headlines for Tuesday were filled with the CPI index spiking higher than expected. The jump sent investors to ponder[...]
Market hold near highs
Markets were steady on the day with no big changes in either direction. The financials were the leading sector as[...]