Higher rates create havoc as many anticipate the Fed move
OUTLOOK: September 20th The move in interest rates continues to act as a precursor to next weeks FOMC meeting. The[...]
President comments on tariffs sinks stocks
OUTLOOK: September 18th More comments from President Trump and the markets react by moving lower. NASDAQ large caps and the[...]
Markets post positive week overall
OUTLOOK: Week of September 17th Tariffs returned to the headlines on Friday with the President headstrong about inforcing another $200[...]
Buyers step up to push indexes higher
OUTLOOK: September 13th Large caps rule the day pushing the major indexes higher. NASDAQ 100 was up near one percent[...]
Sluggish day for the markets
OUTLOOK: September 13th A day of give and take... the semiconductors fell along with financials not helping the broad indexes.[...]
Leadership resumes for major indexes
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Mixed results on indecision from investors
OUTLOOK: Week of September 11th Mixed day as indexes move up and down and close without much change on Monday.[...]