Stocks start week slowly
Some more rotation as money exits technology and semiconductors... money movest towards the recovery stocks like industrials, basic materials, and[...]
NASDAQ resumes lead with large-cap stocks
Markets started off slowly on the day then the technology stocks led the NASDAQ high along with the large caps.[...]
Another day of buying for investors
Wednesday stocks moved higher, but the Dow, Small Caps, and Midcaps led the move. Technology moved higher but wasn't providing[...]
Market is pricing in relief bill from Congress
The markets moved higher on Tuesday as investors look to price in the trillions of more spending and giving from[...]
Technology shows muscle pushing markets higher
Another record close for the NASDAQ as the growth stocks took a leadership role. Apple and Microsoft led the mega-cap[...]
Markets finish the week in positive territory
Stocks rallied into the final hour on Friday to close at the highs of the day. The intraday trading was[...]
GDP data rocks the confidence of investors
GDP Q2 declined at 32.9% showing the impact of the shutdown due to the coronavirus. Throw in an increase in[...]